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Pass Plus - Can You Afford Not To Do It?

Pass Plus is a great course and should have been a major contributor to reduce horrendous young/new driver accident statistics...but with a take up of just 1.5% nationally it seems to have failed. Why? Well, it could be that people just don't want to spend the money on further training on busy Motorways, or Rural roads- our biggest killers. It could also be that Pass Plus has been hyped as a way of gaining reduced new driver insurance premiums. Let me tell you that claim has largely been discredited as many insurance companies and brokers can still offer premiums for less than those offering discounts for Pass Plus. So why do it then?

If after passing, you are entirely confident to drive on a busy motorway through Glasgow etc., or you have a friend or relative expert in all aspects of motorway,rural, and town driving; willing to take you into the city centre and drive at night in tough conditions then you are indeed fortunate. For the rest of us, Pass Plus or at least some extra training is invaluable. That's why D.S.A. recommend the course after passing. There is no D.S.A. test for it - so no money for them. They recommend it because they know it may prevent a fatality





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